Thursday, March 13, 2008
News in brief-
From the official website of the students for freedom and equality
communique about the torture in the prison
Friday, 07 March 2008
Report about the torture in Iran !
(Title from IWC)
Up to now, many times we have reported about the torture and physical abuses that the students for freedom and equality endured inside the ward number 209 in Evin prison. And now, we intend to present you a precise list of different types of torture that our friends received in this period, so that the world public and international civil rights organizations and all people who strive for freedom and equality know precisely about the inhuman activities of the Islamic Republic against political prisoners. The list that reported here is a list of tortures which is used on our friend during the last three months.

1- Inserting hard materials inside the ear
2- Putting the leg of the chair on the back and on the toes while the prisoners are forced to do the "seat and stand up" (this is when the interrogator is seating on the chair)
3-Steelyard handcuff: In this style the hands of our friends, one from below and the other from the above comes together by a handcuff and are hanged from the handcuff .Sometimes the interrogators were pulling them up and down to let them suffer more and in some instances the interrogators hanged themselves to the prisoners to put more weight during this practice .
Using this style brings more pain to shoulder blade and to the wrists. In one particular case, one of our friend’s shoulder blade was dislocated.

4- Electrical shock to the whole part of the body, even to the sensitive sexual parts.

5- Beating and foul language inside the interrogation room
6- Beating and foul language inside the interrogation room while blind folded
7- Sexual harassment while being naked
8- Putting wooden stick between the fingers and continuous pressure on fingers
9- Depriving prisoners from sleep, sometimes for three days and nights
10- Beating and foul language, slapping and cable are the routine torture in this period

The physical damages which have left as a result of these tortures are:
Bleeding and deafness, anal bleeding, internal bleeding (intestine), Severe waist, neck and foot pain, dislocation of shoulder blade and chronic headache .

It is needed to mention that the amount and degree of the torture differs and depends on the condition and situation of each friends and also the severity of tortures are different .

It is necessary to add that ; some of our friends at the time of arrest were also beaten which resulted to have broken head and finger.


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