Friday, April 11, 2008

On my previous writing Winston left me a comment .

Winston wrote:
"Typical Iranian conspiracy theories? President Bush's administration has been the most open administration in terms of letting Iranian scholars, students and businesses travel to the US and see for themselves how the actual US is so different from the one Mullahs tell them. A democratic Iraq and Lebanon will make the Iranian people think twice about having a democratic country and its benefits. World will be a better place without the maniacs that rule Iran today. A Democratic Iran is in the best interest of America and the civilized world."

Here is my response :
Thanks for your comment.

Conspiracy theory co-exist with corrupt power. As long as there are regimes like Iran in the world, there are conspiracy theory too.
For example the death of Zahra Kazemi in Iranian jail. The people from the begining thought and blamed the government. Thanks to a few reformist members of the parliament who dared to tell the truth to the people.

Many more similar cases happened since then.

More than 75% of the American people believe in conspiracy theory when it comes to the assassination of JFK.

Cospiracy theory is alive and well among the people around the world . It is not only: " typical Iranian conspiracy theory". Even the father of Dudi Alfaed together with millions of British and Canadian believe on conspiracy theory when there is no way to dig out the truth.

I'm not too young and i didn't forget the "Contragate" , Which the government say one thing and do another.
I leave the option open. I believe there is no absolute answer " NO " to conspiracy theory.

Has there been a "Bush- Nejad " or " AM -Nejad " gate going on ?

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