Thursday, May 08, 2008

News in brief- Amirkabir newsletter

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Technical university students in all over Tehran continued their protest !
In the year of strike

Widespread protest of the students from "Shariati, Valiasr and Shamsipoor" colleges which was started from last Monday , on its 3rd day was joined by the Enghelab College.
The protest development to nearby streets where the colleges are located brought the reaction of many police forces. Yesterday these forces used baton to disperse the students.
At eight in the morning these college students marched toward the "headquarter of the inspection organization" and gathered there and demanded the officials to reveal new government projects for these colleges.
While protesting ,the students have noticed that they have been sorrunded by police forces , at this time the students shouted " Shariati, Shamsipoor , Unite , Unite " ...............
People in the streets also supported the students........
The students are protesting to the policies and projects which the Ministry of Science is going to take to change the system of these colleges.

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