Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dont execute our teacher!
A call by all human rights defenders in Iran .

The demand for civil society and human rights among Iranian people particularly the Iranian students and women as well as the workers , teachers ,bus drivers and minorities ( The Iranian Kurd, Turk, Bluch, Turkman, Arabs, Bahaei, armanian..) and the call for " Iran for all Iranian " despite of repression ,jail ,murder , threat and tricks by the Islamic Republic , it is rising and the wave isn't small anymore and it is becoming a tidal wave .

Kurdistan province is unrest because the Islamic Republic is going to execute one of its teacher.

Human rights defenders in all over Iran particularly Kurdistan are protesting the decission made by the Islamic Republic to execute teacher Fazad Kamangar.

Kurdistan province is unrest . Islamic Republic has sent many helicopters and ground forces to the region . Islamic Republic is losing decision making and in response to the peaceful protests and demand for human rights it is using its army. This will definitly backfire and will spark fire which will engulf Islamic Republics officials.

Link to this news in Farsi :

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