Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Violation of Human rights in Iran by the Islamic Republic doesn't end in Tehran and human rights organization around the world which monitors Iran must look beyond Tehran and look into the minorities regions like Baluchestan and Sistan , Azarbayjan, Kurdistan, Khuzistan provinces and Turkman , Bahaei and other religious minorities.

Come to the rescue of Turkish journalists , political and human rights advocates in Iran Azarbayjan provinces!
In the past "Advar" news has reported that : Division number 115 of Tehran court of revolution with judge Salavati as its presiding judge held its session for nine political and civil rights Azarbayjan activists for alleged " action against national security ".
This behind the door session took 7 hours and Mr. Mohammad Ali Dadkhah the defense lawyer presented his defense for the following clients:
Abdollah Abbasi Javan , Behruz Safari, Leila Heidari , Alireza Matinpoor , Jalil Ghanilu, Yaghub Salakinia, Mohammad Nosrati and Mirghasem Seyedinzadeh.
Lawyer Esmail Mohammadi was also present for Mr. Saleh Kamrani.
Also the court session for two other civil rights advocate of Azarbayjan Mr. Said Matinpoor and Doctor Mohammad Ali Heidari will take place in near future,the report said.
The reports said : These political and civil rights activists of Azarbayjan were arrested last year by the security agents and were sent to ward number 209 in Evin prison. They were subjected on intense interrogation and pressure.Their families are unaware of their whereabouts.

In another news Ms. Fakhteh Zamani the person in charge of the "Association for the Defense of Azarbayjan Political Prisoners in Iran" ( ADAP) said :
During the past weeks closed to 100 person were arrested and tortured in the city of Tabriz.Some of these prisoners are still in prisons which runs by the Ministry of Information and are under physical and mental tortures.While many of them have been released by bail and surety but still tens of these activists are kept in an unkown location and without any contact with their families. At present these people are in the Ministry of Information prison:
Mr. Hassan Asadi, Ali Sedighi, Jamshid Zareei, Kamal Ashrafi, Ahad Razavi, Hojat Valipoor, Mehdi Najari, Amir Mohammad Banaei Sabegh, Farshid Mostafaei and Mr. Nader Mohammadpoor.
The health condition of Mr. Hassan Asadi who have spent 6 months in Ministry of Information prison in the city of "Ardebil" and Tabriz and Mr. Ahad Razavi and Amir Mohammad Banaei Sabegh who were arrested while distributing leaflets were tortured and are in bad health condition.
Other were arrested in the city of Tabriz and believ still are in prison are :
Akbar Hosaizadeh, Mohammad Rahnamaei, Ali Khakpoor, Ahad Rezaei, Hamid Rezaei, Mohammad Farhadi, Hosain Mirzakhani, Samad MohammadJafari, Yaser Heidarnejad, Hojat Mokhtarzadeh, Vali Abdollahpoor, Mehdi Dehghan, Morsal Bakhshi, Hojat Seifinejad, Asghar Naeimi, Abdolajad Tarvardian, Hassan Hosainzadeh, Rahman Ghasemi, Esmail Fathi, Hassan Touri, Vahid Rezaei, Farhad Mohseni, Ali Tadivan Gharamaleki and Hojat Tarvardian.
Several other prisoners who have been arrested in Tabriz including Mr. Mashaolah Razmi, Ramin Razmi and Akbar Hosainzadeh , two weeks after their arrest still there is no news on their whereabouts.
The widspread arrest in Azarbayjan of Iran doesn't end to these list . There are more prisoners and need to be investigated by an independent team and Human Rights journalists.
IRAN WATCH CANADA will try to monitor Azarbayjan of Iran and bring more news on violation of human rights by the Islamic Republic in Iran.

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