Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pic: left- Behnud Shojaei, Right - Actor Entezami & Parviz Parastuei
Iranian people must be proud of these actors and must support them and stand behind them against Islamic Republic injustices!
Do you remember this kid, his name is Behnud Shojaei , he is on the death row for allegedly committing a crime in a street fight.he wrote a letter to the mother of Ehsan ( Omid- the victim ) and asked her to forgive him. The letter was published in Etemad newspaper. Behnoud was 17 years old when in a street group fighting committed the crime and was sentenced to death.
Recently three prominent actors and director Ezatolah Entezami, Parviz Parastuei and Kumars Poorahmad volunteered to collect the " Diyeh" or " blood money " which the family of Behnud was unable to prepare . These three actors and director opened an account and asked the people to help save the life of this young man.
Now Tehran's prosecutor summoned these three actors for collecting the " Diyeh".
Mr. Mohammad Hossain Shamlu the prosecutor of the division number one of Tehran criminal prosecution said that: :" these individuals by creating a joint account were intended to create public sympathy to influence the people for a criminal , while this person was a murderer and his sentence is based on the " Ghesas " law ( tit for tat , blow for blow ) or retaliation law .


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