Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Picture of mass grave in "Khavaran".
Frame picture of 6 member of the Behkish family who have been executed by the Islamic Republic in the summer of 1988.

The crime which didn't remain hiden under the soil!

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memorial day

Crime against humanity -

How many of the Islamic Republic officials were directly involved in this crime against humanity?! IRAN WATCH CANADA

When the mass execution of political prisoners in the summer of 1988 finished , they have given us the news about the execution of our sibling. With the execution of Mahmud and Mohammad- Ali six members of my family have been executed by the Islamic Republic. the framed picture of each member of the family who have been executed were displayed on the wall.With the execution of one of the son whos name was Asadolah, the family of Panje Shahi has also lost five childeren in the mass execution by the Islamic Republic. The mother of Panjeh Shahi had displayed five members of her childeren in a sigle frame on the wall. On those days the mother of Panjeh Shahi ( Mother ) used to come to our house and spoke and share her grievances with my mother. One day she asked my mom to give her the picture of my executed sibling so that a friend who have made their frame will put the picture of my sibling together in a single frame too. One or two weeks after the mother of Panjeh Shahi ( The mother ) brought for us three frame with the picture of my sibling all together.One of the frame was too big and we displayed it on the wall.
Years have gone and the big frame was on the wall, those years my father was still alive and he used to say : I have framed my childeren and put them in the wall .My mother later removed the big frame from the wall and covered it with cloths and displayed the smaller one. Few years later the smaller frame was also removed from the wall.The mother of Panjeh Shahi also later removed the frame with collective picture of her childeren from the wall. Then they again displayed the single frame of their childeren on the wall. I guess the frame with single picture was more tolerable than a collective picture in a single frame. 5-6 member of a family who have been executed in a single frame was showing the painful story of the family.On the memorial day each year we carried the big frame to "Khavaran" . One or two years ago in a memorial day the big frame was stollen by the agents of the Islamic Republic.
* Khavaran: Is the place where many of the political prisoners are buried in a mass grave.Khavaran is located in Tehran .


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