Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Islamic Republic regime is playing game with European states !
The game is enough ! Think about human rights .Think about the Iranian peoples resistance against the Islamic Republic regime which has been going on for decades.There were a few serious uprising and those wouldn't be the last .Think about strengthening peoples resistance for democracy and human rights.Blocade the assets of the Islamic Republic officials and start a moderate oil embargo against Islamic Republic regime for violating the human rights in Iran and restrict travel of the Islamic Republic officials into European countries ,particularly those who commited crime against humanity . These measures must be imposed right away against Islamic Republic regime in Iran.
The game is enough.
News that are coming from Iran indicate about the regime onslaught on human rights defenders, journalists, writers, political activists, bloggers, women rights activists ,Teachers, workers, students and ethnic human rights defenders / journalists. Ahmadinejad's government step by step onslaught on civil rights movement haven't stopped.It must stop right away.
It is time the European states and parliament put more pressure and not to fall into the trap of the Islamic Republic regime.
Even Shirin Ebadi the Iranian noble peace price winner, lawyer and president of the "Association of Human Rights Defenders" was the target of the regime. Recently the government media started and increased their attack on her. They alleged that Shirin Ebadi's daughters has joined the Bahai religion, which was immediately denied by Shirin Ebadi. She said:
She, together with her daughters are proud of being a Shiite moslem and will leave the reward for this accusation to god.She said this accusation came after she and other human rights defenders namely doctor Abdolfatah Soltani ( lawyer and human rights defender) and Hadi Esmailzadeh ( lawyer and human rights defenders) jointly accepted to defend the seven Bahai who have been arrested previousely.She said : We believe that Bahai's like other human being has the right to lawyer but this doesn't mean to approve their belief. She added:
Defending an accused political, either "Mojahed" or communist , either fundamentalist or nationalist doesn't mean the approval of their belief.
She said : I'm sorry that they are trying to scare me by these acussations , so that i won't dare to defend someone . .......

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