Monday, July 28, 2008

In the savagery of the Islamic Republic !

Why they have been executed?
Islamic Republic in the past executed thousands of political prisoners in Evin prison ( group death by hanging-summer of 1988 ). Now the regime is executing those who have commited armed robberies , sexual assult , murdering Evin prison ( group death by hanging).
1st - they are all human being and deserve life.
2nd- capital punishment is wrong.
3rd- The regime is trying to make a message and to confuse or to deceive the Iranian people as well as the international human rights organizations for its action in 1988 and now in Evin prison.

The "Association of Human Rights Defenders in Iran" in a communique protested to the "death by hanging" of 29 people in Evin prison by the Islamic Republic on July 27 ,2008.

IRNA ( Islamic Republic News Agency ) reported:Said Mortazavi Tehran prosecutor said; At the dawn on Sunday, 30 "rascals and villains" and drug dealers were sent to the gallows .

Iran rank in 2nd for the execution among the countries in the world.

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