Monday, July 21, 2008

Third strike of "Tehran Alborz Tire" workers !
Iran Watch Canada : Iranian workers can't work for free while the Islamic Republic officials become billionair!
Nine days have past since the strike of 1200 workers of "Tehran Alborz Tire".The workers demanded their unpaid salaries , New Year bonuses and other workers benefit be paid immediately. This is their third strike of the year.
The workers have started their strike from last Saturday July 12,2008.They demanded their three months delay on salaries be paid as well as their New Year bonuses and other benefit.
According to one of the worker their demands is the right to have union which has been ignored by the Ministry of Labor .
One of the worker who called himself as "Mansur" have said:
Why the Islamic Republic is silent towards our demands. This factory has been working for the last 58 years. Why they dont see our pain and suffering . Are they ready to work instead of us for several years and receive their salaries with several months delay and even not to be able to pay their rent.....? "
These problems was the cause for the death of one of our worker who had an heart attack in employer's office.
The workers warned if their demands left without answer in the coming days, they will stage a rally in front of the parliament .


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