Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Islamic Republic of Iran executed a Bluch journalist & civil rights activist in revenge against an armed ethnic group!
Mr. Yaghub Mehrnahad , journalist is executed in the city of Zahedan the capital of the province of Sistan & Bluchestan.
Execution of Mr. Mehrnahad brought outrage among journalists , writers, political groups and human rights activists in Iran.
He was executed on Monday together with Mr. Abdolnaser Taheri Sadrieh in the city of Zahedan.
The regime alleged that both of this person were member of a "terrorist group known as Jondollah leaded by Abdolmalek Rigi ".
IRNA and ISNA news agency including the website of Tabnak on Monday reported this news through the announcement by judiciary office in Zahedan .
Mr. Mehrnahad was arrested on January of this year and was sentenced to death. His court session was held without jury , without his lawyer and presence of his family.
Alireza Jamshidi the spokesperson for the Islamic Republic judiciary power announced this news in a press conference.
Mr. Mehrnad's family in a visit to the prison and meeting with their son noticed the torture and weight lost .
Ebrahim Mehrnahad the brother of Yaghub Mehrnahad was also arrested on March this year and had spent several months in prison.
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