Monday, September 08, 2008

4 September 2008
Al Arabiya news channel's Tehran bureau chief expelled
SOURCE: Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), Cairo
(ANHRI/IFEX) - ANHRI condemns the Iranian authorities' expulsion of Hassan
Fahs, the chief of Al Arabiya news television station's Tehran bureau, on 2
September 2008, after revoking his media accreditation. According to Al
Arabiya's website, a documentary film about Iran aired under the title "The
Road to The Revolution", may be the motive behind this decision.
The new Iranian measures against Al Arabiya news channel, among many other
procedures undertaken by the Iranian government, are aimed at not simply
limiting freedom of expression but at eliminating it entirely. In effect,
by this decision, the government is abandoning the principle of freedom of
It is regrettable that the institutions responsible for protecting freedom
of expression in Iran are the very ones violating this freedom, notes
As the Ministry of Culture and Guidance expelled Fahs, and the Iranian News
Agency is continuing its defamation campaign against the activist Shirin
Ebadi, 2003 Nobel laureate, the Iranian judiciary is reviewing a new case
against the Iranian activist and writer Emad Baghi, who is already a
prisoner in Iran, because he established an association to defend
prisoners' rights in Iran.
"Away from the high-profile conflict between Iran and the United States,
there is a dense blackout on the Iranian government's warfare on the press
and freedom of expression in Iran, that we determinedly reject and
condemn," said ANHRI.
For further information on the Ebadi case, see:
For further information on the Baghi case, see:
For further information contact Gamal Eid, Executive Director, ANHRI,
Apartment 10, No. 5, Street 105, from Midan al Hurriya, Al Maadi, Cairo,
Egypt, tel/fax: +202 2 524 9544, e-mail:,, Internet:
The information contained in this alert is the sole responsibility of
ANHRI. In citing this material for broadcast or publication, please credit

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