Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Islamic Republic in the past has executed father Hussain Sudmand because of his belief on Christianity and now arrested his son Mr. Ramtin Sudmand!

A catholic Iranian has been detained by the Ministry of Information!

Mr. Ramtin Sudmand is an Iranian catholic picked by the agents of the Ministry of Information 12 days ago and is still in prison.12 days after his arrest, his family does not know what the charges are against their loved one. Ramtin himself a prist was arrested by the agents on Monday September 1, 2008.

The family can't hire any lawyer because of intimidation by the Ministry of Information.

It is needed to say that; "father Hussain Sudmand" the father of Ramtin has been executed in Mashhad city prison on December 3, 1990. He was executed because he didn't want to deny his belief on christianity.

Later when the case of the father was followed by his wife; the regime admit making mistake on sentencing and as a result of that; the regime said it is ready to pay the blood money (Diyeh)to the family.

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