Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Harsh punishments for women fighting back for their basic human rights in Iran!

Despite of these punishments the fight back continues.

One of these activist women and a member of the "campaign for one million signature" in the women's movement in Iran is Ms. Susan Tahmasbi. She was suposed to attend in a world conference in Cape town in South Africa from 14-17 November , 2008 but the agents who called themselves as the "security agents from the office of president" confiscated her passport and prevented her from leaving the country.

In this regard Susan said: "This morning persons who called themselves as the security agents of the president called my name in loudspeaker of the airport and while i had passed the immigration confiscated my passport and prevented me from leaving the country . She said this is the fourth time the security agents in the airport without explanation have prevented me from leaving the country ."

Some other Iranian women including 2003 Nobel prize winner Ms. Shirin Ebadi participated in the conference and spoke about their struggle for women's human rights.Ms. Ebadi said: "The Government in Iran can't control the women for ever with these discriminated laws . The Government doesn't pay attention or recognize the women's demand for equality ."


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