Sunday, December 21, 2008

Students after Student's Day protest in Iran!

I remember when i was student in Phillippines and because of writting just a short critical news against security guards in the campus , i was black listed ,could not enrol and later was called in security office and the head of securities threatened me of expulsion not only from university but also from the phillippines( a diciplinary measure). A few years later, the government of dictator F. Marcos was overthrowned. Phillippine's Students movement played very important role in defeating his corrupt government.

Now its the story of Iranian student and the regime of the Islamic Republic.

Amirkabir newsletter have reported that; following the summon of 16 students from Shiraz University during last week , on Saturday December 20 another 19 students were summoned to diciplinary committee.
Here are the names of these students:
Dalir Barkhoda
Rohollah Ghasemi
Esmaeil Jalilvand
Yunes Mirhossaini
Amin Dorosti
Ehsan Hashemi
Mohsen Zarinkamar
Nasim Dalvand
Neda Eskandari
Mohadeseh Mahvi-Shirazi
Fatemeh Aghaei
Esmaeil Madanchi
Kamran Mohammadi
Hemat Jahanshahi
Mohammad Amin Karimi
All these students are accused of participating in student's Day rally and of course the list doesn't end here.


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