Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Three Bahai's went on trial in the city of Yasuj !
Because of teaching Bahai's literature to kindergarten student; these people have been accused of propagating against Islamic Republic.
The names of these threee Bahai's are : Rohieh Yazdani, Zoleykha Musavi and Ali Askar Ravanbakhsh. On November 23 this year they attended in Yasuj Islamic court of revoluion and were sentenced to imprisonment.
In total , they have been sentenced to four years imprisonment. Since their arrest until now, they have spent two months in Yasuj temporary prison centre.
Ms. Rohieh Yazdani who is an educational coach for childeren, created free painting,moral and educational pre-school classes for childeren from the age of 5-7 in Mehraban village nearby Yasuj city in the province of Kohkiluyeh and Buyerahmad.
Zoleykha Musavi and her husband Mr. Ali Askar Ravanbakhsh are also accused of providing their home to Rohieh Yazdani for the above educational purposes. There were 70 pre-school student in the class using this program for free.
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