Saturday, December 06, 2008

Students protest..........

The last post shows one of the student speaking or appear to be asking question. He says :
I dont have question to you as speaker of the Islamic Republic,because i believe for many violation including the violation for disapproving many candidates ( Someone here says: (shut up ) and violation of the election . I dont agree with you as the speaker of the Parliament and this parliament is illegal and you are speaker of the illegal parliament . Students are deprived from student union and ......
I hate three things: 1- I hate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad , i hate that he lies , i hate his face ......
At this point the gathering becomes convulsive and a group of Basiji student shout in support of Ahmadinejad and .......

This protest in general may ..I say may be in question ? because Iranian Student movement is stronger than what has been said by this student and because of regim's fear from student movement , this gathering may be was a planned gathering and .....may be i'm wrong and this event was a genuine one.

Tomorrow Sunday the student all over Iran are going to protest.


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