Monday, January 19, 2009

Movement for free will is growing and will prevail in Iran!

Pressure to silence and to censor a good and well watched television program known as "Navad" meaning 90 about sports in Iran and its anchorman Mr. Adel Ferdousipoor by the open and hidden officials of the Islamic Republic brought too much anger, more among the younger generation of Iran. On its last program show, while there was speculation that the program might be stopped , Mr. Ferdousipoor's SMS message receiving from the audience was also confronted with problems. This was happening while the program was on the air and millions have witnessed the problem Mr. Ferdousipoor was facing and the injustices by the Islamic Republic.

Here are a few excerpts from some of the websites:
When the "Sardars" meaning commanders are present in the sports, there will be left nothing of Adel Ferdoucipoor and justice.
Here are a list of " Sardars " running the show in the sports particularly in soccer:
1-Colonel Jafar Jafari - Owner of the " Moghavemat Sepasy " soccer club
2-" Sardar" Karim Mallahi- Owner of the " Saba Battery " soccer club
3-" Sardar Ali Salahi - Past owner of the " Payam Mashhad" soccer club
4-" Sardar " Mostafa Ajorloo - Past owner of the " Pas" club and president of the "union of soccer clubs"
5- " Sardar Aziz Mohammadi - The president of the organization of "League of Soccer Federation"
6-" Sardar Mostafa Baniasad- Owner of " Abumoslem Khorasan " soccer club
7-" Sardar Naser Shafaq- Owner of " Tabriz Teractor Sazi " soccer club, Board member of Abumoslem Khorasan , member of the board of directors of soccer federation
8-Colonel Rasul Fallah - Owner of " Bargh Shiraz " soccer club
9- Colonel Farhangdoost - president of "Yazd" city soccer club

Dictatorship to what extend? The SMS championship of the " Navad " program was also cut off ! In defense of truth and rightfulness.

The supporters of “ Navad “ program in an internet invitation have asked the people to send up to 5000,000 SMS to support Adel Ferdousipoor and Its program “ Navad “ and at the same time also do protest against the pressure of Iran Physical Educations Organization . What surprised Adel was that, the system receiving the SMS messages for this program was not working. It only worked for a few seconds and then failed. Mr. Ferdousipoor then asked from the officials in the Islamic Republic and in the Communication Ministry to respond to this problem.

Why the Iranian youth is condemned for not having a real amusement and in general a happy day?

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