Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Is this the start of ending peaceful activities in Iran?
What would be the choice of women, student, teachers, workers movement in the coming future in dealing with Islamic Republic, will they continue to protest peacefully or they will choose other means to fight for their basic human rights?!
Help release women's rights advocates from dungeon of the Islamic Republic in Iran!

Islamic regime in Iran has intensified its pressure and attack on human rights advocates including activists in " Campaign for One Million Signature" and have arrested Ms. Alieh Eghdamdoost, Ms. Nafiseh Azad and two others who were later released by bail.

Ms.Alieh Eghdamdoost was arrested on last Sunday Jan. 31 in "Fuman" the city she was living and was transfered to Evin prison. She even had no time to speak to her friends . Ms. Alieh Eghdamdoost is the first women rights advocate who received definite sentence.
Alieh Eghdamdoost was arrested in the past in a peaceful gathering on June 2006 and In early court hearing she was sentenced to three years and four months imprisonment and 20 lashes. The appeal court approved the three years imprisonment sentence.

Ms. Nafiseh Azad is also a campaigner for the " Campaign for One Millions Signature" .On last Friday Jan.30 ,she was in "Tochal-Tehran" area together with two other campaigner , all three were arrested. Two of this campaigners were released on bail and Nafiseh for helping her friends start talking to police, but police arrested her also and transfered her in a temporary "Vozara" detention centre, she was also interrogated. The security agents later rushed to her home and violently searched her house.


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