Saturday, February 07, 2009

Reported by : Laleh Akhavan
Chekavak Hafteh - Persian publication in Montreal
Based on a communique released from the office of "Irving Mitchell Kalichman" the lawyer of Estephan Hachemi the son of Zahra Kazemi ( the Canadian -Iranian photojournalist who was murdered in Iran state Evin prison), a court in Montreal from Tuesday Feb. 3-5, 09 is going to review the complaint filled ( the complaint was originally filled on 2006) by Estephan Hachemi against Islamic Republic and several of its officials including Mr. Khamenei the leader of the Islamic Republic.The complaint letter pointed out about two high ranking officials who had played bigger role in arresting, torturing,and finally ,the death of Zahra Kazemi.
After two years since the first initial complaint filled ( Summer of 2006) in the court by Estephan Hachemi, this year the court for the first time will review the case file.
The lawyer for the Islamic Republic is going to counter file the "state immunity act" to stop the review of this case file. All UN member countries are obliged to follow this law ( State immunity act).This law prevent all member countries not to file complaint against other countries.

Estephan and his lawyer beleive ; using this law on this case file is violation of Canadian constitution.


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