Monday, April 13, 2009

Madam Shirin Ebadi the Iranian Noble peace prize winner in 2003 and president of the "Centre for Human Rights Defenders" in Iran is worried about the death of prisoners!

Madam Ebadi in speaking with Roozonline said:
About the case file of Omidreza Mirsayafi the blogger who have died in prison, his family have said they have seen blood in his ear when first saw his lifeless body in coroners office , which contradict with the earliear announcement that he died by taking few pills.When someone is intoxicated, blood doesn't come out of his ear . The mysterious death of prisoners causing deep worries among human rights defenders in Iran.
She added: On March 18, 2009 @ 11:00am family of Mirsayafi visited him in prison and spoke with him , they say he was very fine and his mental state was generally well, they also said ; he he didn't have any physical or mental illness. Now, what happened between 11:00am to 3-4 :00 pm no one knows. Madam Ebadi said: We will look into the case and will report to the public. The lawyers of the Centre for Human Rights Defenders are waiting for report from coroners office , but in a bigger picture , the death of Mirsayafi caused deep worries among human rights defenders in Iran.
She added : Some of these deaths are proven not to be natural but was murder like the death of Zahra Kazemi which was proven to be murder , but the judiciary power in its last decission announced it is unable to identify the murderer.
-Some other case file like the suspicious death of doctor Zahra Baniyaghub is underreview by us. Unfortunately the judge of this case is unwilling to give us the dress of Zahra despite of our repeated request,While when someone dies and they bring her body to coroners office, they must give the dress to her family.In the file it says ; the dress is included in the file but the judge says ; there is no dress.
- Also about the death of Lotfolahi the Kurdish student who suspiciously died few days after arrest. without notifying his family and without showing the body to the family, they buried his body.When they buried the body then they told to his family that ; here is the grave of your son.This needs more reviews ......

Link to this interview in Farsi :
Interview was conducted by Omid Memarian


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