Saturday, May 02, 2009

"Tears for injustices" !
Do you remember Delara, the young offender allegedly according to Islamic Republic judiciary commited a crime when she was 17 years of age and while in prison she did so many beautiful painting , she was hanged on Friday at the age of 23 .

The crime against humanity by Islamic Republic officials has to be heard in a national and international public tribunal and the evidence against each individual officials must be presented by victims family members and by documents or exhibition at national and international stage. Crimes that are commited on daily bases and the ignorance and deaf ear of the officials to the out cry by Iranian citizen and international organization must be documented and monitored like what the IRAN WATCH CANADA is doing and by Iranian able to speak and write different languages in their respective countries first to make them aware and second to let the international organization know what is exactly going on in Iran.

I ask the Islamic Republic official to read " The Bet" story written by Anton Chekhov and stop their inhuman actions once and for all.


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