Monday, July 06, 2009

Happening in Toronto and all over the world simultaneousely in support and solidarity with the event in Iran.

Fellow Compatriots,

On Thursday July 9th (18th of Tir in the Iranian calendar), [INSERT TIME] to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the student uprising in Iran, we will gather to form long human chains in Willowdale and Richmond Hill. We aim to hold this event in a dignified way that befits the rich culture, high prestige, and good name of our community.

Here are the event’s details:

-1. The two locations of human chains will be as follows:

A. In Willowdale: On Yonge Street, Between Mel Lastman Square and Steeles Ave.

B. In Richmond Hill: On Yonge Street Between HWY 16 and Elgin Mills

-2. Showing our respect and full cooperation to the police, and working with the organizers in a harmonious fashion, we will display our community’s maturity.

-3. In response to numerous recent noise complaints from residents of these neighbourhoods, please refrain from honking and instead display the victory sign (the “V” sign with two fingers of one hand) through the window.

-4. For optimum coordination, please use the following placards, which have been prepared by organizers:

"Change for Iran"

* Free Political Prisoners

* Stop Torture

* Election not Selection

* Condemn "CONfessions" under Torture

* Support the Movement for Democracy in Iran


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