Saturday, July 04, 2009

The "Martial Law Government" of Khamenei-Ahmadinejad Ferdinad Marcos style coup d,etat continue arresting the opposition-pro reform/change Iranian

Please continue reporting about Iran - dont stop now - crime against humanity is happening now!
CNN and other American or European news media must continue their reporting about Iran at this crucial juncture of the history of Iran. A big crime against humanity is happening right now in Iran by Khamenei -Ahmadinejad and it is our moral and humane duty to report about all these injustices in Iran.The coup d,etat regime is continuing arresting and detaining the reform/change personalities from all over Iran, particularly the members of " Mosharekat" party. Reports from Iran are disturbing,the regime is not responding to any question on the prisoners whereabout?
International Human Rights organization , UN, NGO's and democratic Government must continue supporting Iranian people .History is requesting from you to do so when the coup d, etat regime of Khamenei-Ahmadinejad for silencing everyone totally shut down the reporting from Iran.


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  • Fars News: Iran hangs 20 drug traffickers in mass execution - LINK

    Were they truly 'drug traffickers'? Why now?

    So many questions ...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 6:30 PM  

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