Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Have you seen this video? The militia throwing the young Iranian from a bridge down to lower street on the asphalt(hands tied)

I have seen this video. I wanted to say this video clip is the most horrible crime against young Iranian i have seen so far. Some people drop young people from the bridge down to the street while their hands are tied and other militia take them away from the street below. Open this and watch the horrible crime against the young Iranian peaceful protesters.
I coud not copy the video, i'll try to make this video clip available later. It is important that people of the world to see this crime against humanity by Ahmadinejad Government.


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  • Don't you pay attention to comments written on your blog?
    Informing people is always good but you should interact.

    By Blogger christinA eijkhout, At 8:05 AM  

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