Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Musavi together with wife Ms. Rahnavard attended at the house of "Sohrab " one of the martyr.People are encouraged for Musavi joining the people.

Why UN must send representative to Iran immediately?
Musavi and wife attended tonight at the house of Sohrab Arabi 19 ,one of the young martyr of the recent protest. What has happened to Sohrab ? if he was gunned down during protest , why his body wasn't transfered or carried by people to hospital? and why there were no news and record about him in the hospitals? There are speculation that ; sohrab like many others were arrested and brought to Evin prison and there he was shot to death. Now, how many other detainees have been shot to death?
According to news , many families are looking for their loved one, who have not return home yet . Is that true , they have been murdered inside Evin prison? how many have been murdered? why the regime is silent and not talking about the killings? And giving the bodies one by one to the victims families?


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