Monday, July 20, 2009

Three days hunger strike in front of UN in New York July 22-24!

Akbar Ganji the renouwned Iranian journalist and writer organized a three day hunger strike in front of UN headquarter in New York in support of Iranian protesters for change and the release of political prisoners. Upto now many Iranian as well as internationalpersonalities have released statement either joining or supporting the hunger strike which is going to take place from July 22-24.

Here are a few:

1-Shohreh Aghdashlou- Iranian Actress
2- Reza Baraheni- Iranian writer and former pencanada president
3-Faramarz Aslani -Iranian singer and musician
4-Shahriyar Ghanbari Iranian musician
5- Noam Chumsky - American critic
6-"Ebi" Iranian singer
7- "Gogoosh" Iranian pop star
8-Robert Redford -Statement :
Political events in Iran over the past month have been dramatic. Many
have been killed and hundreds of innocent people have been imprisoned.
I strongly defend the human rights of the people of Iran. A hunger
strike in front of the United Nations is one way of drawing world
attention to the plight of political prisoners in Iran. I support this
effort and my daughter, Amy Redford, will be there as an expression of
solidarity with the Iranian people, and in the hope of achieving the
humanitarian goal of freeing political prisoners in Iran.”


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