Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Two days ago the chief of Airline organization was removed from his post and a coup d,etat element was apointed to the post!

Three -four nights ago in a coffee shop i was talking with two of my journalist friends in exile and one spoke about news that the coup d,etat regime has changed the chief of the "Organization of Airline ". According to news Mr. khanlary who was a pilot was removed from his post and Mr. Ilkhani who crossed the security process in a fast pace was appointed as the chief!Why at this time ? No body knew.

Today, two days after an airplain crashed and all its passenger died including the young national Judo team , they were traveling to Armania for friendly games.

Many Armanian passengers including Armanian MP is among the dead . In total 168 Iranian people burned to death. This isn't the first time, in the past just a few days before student movement day, a plane with many journalists crashed and all died .

Now, the question is why at this time? Just two days before an important event of Friday pray.

Is regime planning to carry the coffins on Friday and bury them on this coming Friday?

This regime can't be trusted at all. Under this regime everything is possible. The members and think tank of this regime are all from security and information elements of the Islamic regime. They all have secretive tie with suspicious elements.
This coup d,etat regime is a good scenario writer and director , but the people of Iran dont buy it?They know the real face of this regime.
Today, this was the title of " Mouje Sabze Azadi " a pro- Musavi website :
From the mysterious/secretive appointment to the suspicious crash !


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