Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alert : "Crime against humanity" is happening in Iran by the regime of coup d'etat!! The protest continues after 59 days.

Mr. Croubi was one of the last presidential candidate and does beleive that cheating occured in the June 12,2009 election and doesn't recognize the regime of Ahmadinejad . In a recent letter to Rafsanjani,he warned that rape and sexual violence against imprisoned young women has occured in the prisons. He wrote : report from high ranking and reliable sources confirme the rape, sexual violence and then killing and dumping the dead bodies in and around Tehran. The Iranian people call him as brave to bring this issue to the public and officials. Yesterday ,the media around the world has reported this shocking news. No one alone can find all the crime occured during the last two months. A national committee with international observer must be created and look into the matter immediately.

In the meantime the Iranian people are collecting the pictures of those militias violently beat the people to death during the protest in the last two months.Here is another picture to recognize the identity of the militia men through the number of the motorcycle.

News coming from Iran indicate that, Ahmadinejad is less and less appearing in the public in the last two months and this indicate the fear the regime has for another mass protest by Iranian people all over Iran.


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