Friday, August 07, 2009

Iranian people are determined to continue their protest if Ahmadinejad insist on his presidency!

Protest in all over Tehran continued.According to news night time protest also continued on Aug. 6 and people chanted slogan like: "Death to dictator" and "Ahmadinejad must resign" and also "Ahmadinejad shame on you" .On Thursday night all over tehran including Fatami square, Enghelab square, Imam hossain squre, Azadi Street, Vanak squar and Valiasr Street people came to the Street and surprised the security forces.heavy clashes are reported between the special security forces and people.clashes were reported in and around Dadman street in Tehran and it continued until 11:00pm . Gun shot was reported .
In another report at around 12:30am on Aug. 7 at Tehranpars square , narmak and Haft houze still the sound of gun shot was heared and report didn,t say how many people have been killed or injured.


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