Sunday, August 02, 2009

People are calling yet for another largest mass rally against the regime of coup d, etat !

It was announced that on Aug.1, Ahmadinejad will take the oath as president but because of continuous protest against the election cheating and fear of protest the regime changed the date to Aug. 3, and people are calling for the largest mass rally yet.

The division within the regime is also continued and 4 minister from Ahmadinejad,s cabinet have resigned in the past days including the minister of information .

The people,s protest entered in its 51 days. Thosands of protesters including former government officials and politicians, journalists , student activists, womens rights advocates, human rights advocates, civil rights lawyers and human rights defenders have been arrested and interrogated and was forced for video confession. Maziar Bahari the Canadian-Iranian was also forced for video confession. He blamed foreign journalists for velvet revolution. According to Mr. Alireza Beheshti , so far 1700 prisoners have been identified but not sure how many of them are still alive.
according to news Hashemi Rafsanjani a critic to Ahmadinejad government have left Tehran for an unknown location.
People are calling to stay in the streets until the downfall of the regime of coup d, etat.


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