Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is Iran in pre- civil rights revolution stage ?

Picture-Alireza Beheshti

Protest continued- the fire of the people's anger to the regime of coup d'etat still burns!

*People have gathered in front of "Etemad Melli" newspaper office on Monday and protested the closure of this newspaper.According to news hundreds of militia and anti-riot police force sorrounded the area to the office and arrested as many as 15 protesters.

wednesday ,protest against the regime of coup d'etat!

According to news; tomorrow Wednesday Aug. 19 there will be protest in and around "Bazar" of Tehran on anniversary of 19th Aug. of 1953 coup d'etat against Doctor Mossadegh national government.

"The hope of the green wave" will continue the reform and civil rights advocacy !

*Mirhosain Musavi has created a new organization called " Mouj Sabze Omid " meaning ; the hope of the green wave . According to Mr. Alireza Beheshti the head advisor to Mr. Musavi ; "the hope of the green wave" is not a front or a political party but it is a social network and a society wach dog , it will look into the government conduct based on constitution and will report to the public if there are contradiction or violation to the articles of the constitution.According to Mr. Beheshti who was speaking to ILNA, Mr. Khatami, Mr. Karoubi and Musavi will be in the 5-6 members of the central council of the organization and there will also be 30-40 advising council.

The regime of coup d'etat is afraid of the opening of schools and university and colleges for the fear of protest and strike by teachers and transit workers.


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