Sunday, August 16, 2009

Prosecutor ordered the closure of "Etemade Meli" newspaper , the newspaper of Karoubi!

Karoubi was one of the reformist candidate in the last June 12 ,09 presidential election. The election was cheated by Ahmadinejad. Mr. karoubi is critical to the regime of coup d'etat.He continued his protest to the election rigging since then and in the last few days he has brought issues about raping during the interrogation of protesters in the prisons. Regime has refused to accept the claime and today in retaliation regime has ordered the closure of " Etemade Meli " newspaper which Mr. Karoubi is the owner. Etemade Meli is a reformist newspaper and Mr. Ghochani who is currently in prison is its editor in chief . Mr. Ghochani is the son-inlaw of Emad Baghi a human rights advocate and journalist.


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