Thursday, August 27, 2009

Workers are starting their strikes against the regime of coup d'etat and for their rights!

Iran Watch Canada: Osanlou and many other workers who are still in prison must be released .

1-The "Pars wagon making factory" workers in continuation of several months of dispute with the owner and general managers of this factory about their unpaid salaries has stopped working since 5 days ago. They have sat in front of the factory and are preventing the in and out of the managers and owners.
2-According to another news the bakery stores in Kurdistan are on strike because of the shortage of flour
Official Reports:
11.1 % of the population and 20% of the young population according to regime reports are jobless.
The inflation is about 25%
The regime of coup d'etat has spent all the savings existed in the central bank.
Below Poverty level in the country is between 25-32%
The countries budget has a shortage of 25 thousands billion tuman ( 1000 Tuman is equal to one dollar)
When Khatami left the office to Ahmadinejad the central bank had 10 billion dolar saving.


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