Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Iranian won't allow the defacto regime in Iran to divert world public opinion from Human Rights violation with the talk on nuclear issue!

Almost every day there is protest in universities all over Tehran and the protest is igniting to other universities in provinces and cities.The regime of coup d'etat is helpless. So far nothing has been helping the defacto regime to stand on its feet.Regime by showing its militia's teet , threats ,the killings , the arrest , torture, forced confession unable to change the course of the movement. 70 percent of Iranian are under the age of 30, they are different from these fossiles. young Iranian want freedom and civil society. Regime by playing mouse and cat game can't divert the world public opinions from what is exactly happening and is going to happen in Iran.

United for freedom!Target: 150 million views on youtube, a new record!
(Please , distribute the message)
United for Freedom (English version) :
Unidos por la Libertad (Versión en español) :
United für die Freiheit (Deutsch Version) :
Unis pour la Liberté (Version française) :
Uniti per la Liberà (Versione italiano) :
Соединенные на свободу (Русская версия) :
The persian statement on Unite for Freedom


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