Sunday, November 15, 2009

Iran Watch Canada calls for investigate on the death of the doctor of "Kahrizak" prison!

Doctor Ramin Pourandarjani 26 years of age was serving his compulsary military service in the clinic of police forces. Report indicated that he died on Tuesday while in his resting bed in the police clinic due to heart attack.The news given by the officials to his family was that ; he died of heart attack in his sleep.

Mr. Pourandarjani was working in the clinic in the contraversial " Kahrizak" prison where many of young protesters died, tortured ,raped and buried secretly later. Mr. Pourandarjani was the doctor who examined a young boy named Roholamini two days befor his death.Mohsen Roholamini was son of one of the officials and the prison officials didn't know about him and they thought they were dealing with another ordinary protester , but it was different and this death caused headache for the regime.

Mr. pourandarjani after visiting Roholamini reported that he had head injury and because of his report he was arrested and was detained for few days and was released but was under threat and intimidation and investigation and finally he lost his life under suspicious circumstances.

Dr. pourandarjani died because he knew so much about "Kahrizak" prison.

This poor doctor was just serving his military service and the Kahrizak prison officials took advantage from this apparently very smart and intelligent young man who becom a doctor not only for his family and for the country .

IRAN WATCH CANADA calls for the investigation to the death of Mr. Ramin Pourandarjani and Mr. Roholamini and all the young people who have lost their lives in Kahrizak prison .

If the father of Mohsen Roholamini can keep silence about the crime against his son and the murderers but the IRAN WATCH CANADA can't and calls for a full investigation of "Kahrizak " prison and asks the UN human rights council to investigate about this crimes against humanity.


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