Sunday, December 27, 2009

IRAN WATCH CANADA calls Islamic countries to call Islamic Republic ambassadors for questioning for the killing of Iranian free willing people!

Seven months of protest since June 13 ,and unrest in Iran brought deep political crisis for "Islamic Republic" by the Ahmadinejad - Khamenei. Is Islamic Republic going to survive in this final assaults by the Iranian people who are determined to topple this regime of coup d'etat? future will answer this , but for now ,as Iran Watch Canada always said that; waves after waves are growing to a tidal wave and Islamic Republic will be washed away. IRAN WATCH CANADA as always either in private discussion or in this page, has always said: the green movement is going to grow and there is no possible coalition or an agreement behind the door ; because , IRAN WATCH CANADA knew very well that; there is big differences between Mir Hossain Musavi and Khamenei.

Childrens of Khamenei , particularly Mojtaba Khamenei , Hossain Taeb the former Basij chair and the head of "Kahrizak" prison , ahmadinejad , Ali Jafari the head of Sepah Pasdaran , Ayatollah Janati , Ayatollah Khazali, Ayatollah Mesbah yazdi, Ahmad Khatami, Khamenei, Naghadi, Ahmad Reza Radan deputy of Tehran police force , ahmadi Moghadam , Rahim -mashaei, firouzabadi , Said Mortazavi, Azizullah Rajabzadeh the head of Tehran police force and many more, including his coup d'etat cabinet, the ministers of Ahmadinejad are behind this situation and they continue to do harm to our country Iran.

Moslem nation must force their countries to push Islamic Republic to stop killing their brothers and sisters, they must ask their government to call Iranian ambassadors in their countries for question. Shiia or Sunni both are moslem brothers and must not ignor what is happening to each other wherever they are . Islamic Republic regime headed by Khamenei-ahmadinejad are killing your brothers in the streets of Iran.

Government all over the world must break the silence about Iran. Islamic Republic is killing the Iranian people in the streets of Iran. People of Iran need your support now. Leaders of the green movement need your support now before it is too late.

Hamas, Hezbullah, and all other small or big moslem group, who have supported Islamic Republic and Ali Khamenei- Ahmadinejad must know that Iranian people are determined to topple this regime and for a free Iran. If you doubt look at this blog and see how Iranian people fight for freedom.

Central American nations including the Peruvian, Venezuelan, Cuban ,Nicaraguan and Brazilian government must stop dancing with the regime of Islamic Republic and if believe in human rights they must call the Islamic Republic ambassador for questioning about the killing of Iranian free willing people in the streets of Iran.


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