Monday, February 22, 2010

Help release Iranian journalists from the Islamic Republic dungeon!

Herana News Agency in its report about some of the journalist arrested during and after the presidential election on June 12. Here are the names of some of the journalists:

1-Badrolsadat Mofidi - She is the secretary of the Association of Journalists in Iran.She was arrested together with her husband Mr. Masoud aghaei in their home just after the holy days of Ashura and were transfered to Ward number 209 in Evin prison.She sufferes from blood disorder and the prison officials prevent her to receive medication.

2-Mohammad Nourbakhsh-the editor of "Farhikhtegan" newspaper . he has been in Evin prison for more than seven months.there are not enough news about him.

3-Ahmad jalaei Farahani- Editor of the social desk in "Mehr" news agency .One day after layoff from newspaper on Feb.6, he was arrested by some people who identified themselves as security forces of the judiciary power.He is believed to be in Evin prison and according to his parents , his young daughter is sobbing and looking for father.

4-Keivan Samimi - Manager in charge of the banned "Nameh " publication and member of the central council of "Association Defending Freedom of Press" . He was arrested on June 16 ,2009.
For a a leave of prison to attened in his daughters wedding the court asked for 100 million Tuman (Almost $100000). He has been sentenced to 6 years imprisonment and banned from social activities for life.

5-Bahman Ahmadi-Amouei- Journalist of reformist newspapers.He worked as economic correspondent.he was arrested on the evening of June 20 together with his wife Jila Bani-Yaghoub.court didn't agree to release him on bail.He was sentenced to 7 years and four months imprisonment and 34 lashes.

6-Hassan Zahouri- journalist, senior reporter on cultural herritage. he was arrested at his home on Feb.7.

7-Sasan Aghaei- journalist , he was arrested on Nov. 22 after the release of an open letter by 293 journalists to religious leaders. His case is still open and no decision is made on his case file yet.
8-Said Leilaz - Former editor in chief of "Sarmayeh" newspaper. He has been in prison for the past eight months.He is economic critics. He has been kept in security ward in Evin prison.

9-Maziar samiei- Journalist , he was arrested in the mid night of Feb.3 by ther security forces and there are no news about his whereabout.Since his arrest, he was able to make a call to his parents only once and since Feb. 5 there is no news about him.

10-Ali Hekmat -Editor in chief of reformist "Khordad" newspaper .He has been in prison for more than four months.He was able to talk to his parents for the first time after 98 days.

11-Masoud Bastani-On the morning of June 25 left his home to attend Tehran court of revolution to follow the situation of his wife Mahsa Amrabadi who was detained and he himself was arrested too. after three and a half months time prison , he was sentenced to six years imprisonment.This journalist was transfered to "Rejaei Shahr' prison which is one of the worst prison .

12-Emadodin Baghi -Journalist and human rights advocate. He is the founder of the "committee defending the rights of prisoners". He was arrested on Dec. 28 and in a contact with his family he said : he is arrested in connection with the interview he made with Ayatollah Montazeri.

13- Wahid pourostad_ Journalist of "Farhikhtegan" newspaper .He was arrested on Feb. 8 at 2:30 in the morning in his mother inlaw's home.His name is not in the lists of journalist arrested and this made his family to worry more.

14-Reza Tajik- Journalist and activist , he was arrested on Dec. 29 in front of "Etemad" newspaper.He was also arrested once after the presidential election in June and spent 46 days in prison.

15-Behrang Tonekaboni & Leili Farhadpour - Editor in chief of music magazine known as " Farhang O Ahang" .He is the son of journalist Leili Farhadpour.He was arrested at his workplace on Jan. 5 . While his mom Leili Farhadpour was following his case, had heart attack and was admitted in hospital , but after release from hospital , she was arrested at her home by the agents of Ministry of information.

16-Niloufar Laripour- Poet , song writer and reporter of "Chelcheragh" publication. Was arrested on Feb. 2nd.

17- Roozbeh Karimi- journalist and student of higher education on Human rights.He was arrested together with his wife Forough Mirezaei on Jan. 2nd. at his home.

18-Zeynab Kazemkhah - Journalist of a government media . She was arrested on Feb. 7 at her home by 9 agents from the Ministry of Information .

19-Noushin Jafari- The 22 years old journalist and writer of "Art & Literary" in Etemad newspaper.she was arrested on Feb. 4 at her home.

20-Mohammad Davari- editor in chief of "Saham " news ( Official website of Etemad newspaper ).was arrested on Sep. 8. Regime requested a 200 million Tuman bail for his release , but he was unable to pay.for the last 5 months he has been in prison. He is the one who prepared video report from those prisoners who were sexually raped.

21-Said Matinpour-An Azarbayejan journalist who suffers from heat problems.He is currently in Evin prison and was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

22-Said Masoud Lavasani - journalist and blogger and he was arrested four months ago from his home.He was sentenced to eight and a half years prison term and is banned to see his two years old son.

23-Ahmad Zeidabadi-journalist and political analyst , he was arrested on June 13.he was sentenced to 5 years prison term and exile to the remote area of "Gonabad". he was transfered from evin prison to the "Rejaei Shahr" prison.

24-Eisa Saharkheiz- A journalist and one of the founder of association Defending Freedom of Press.A well known journalist and political personality.he was arrested on July 2nd.

25-Mashaollah shamsolvaezin- Journalist and spokesperson of the Association of Journalists in Iran . He was arrested on Dec. 29 at his home without a warrant.

26-Amir Sadeghi-A photojournalist who was arrested in "Farhange Ashti "newspaper's office .he was arrested on Feb. 7 and charged with publishing pictures from protest of the Holy Days of Ashura.

27-Fouad Sadeghi - Founder of "Baztab and Ayandeh news " website. he was arrested on Feb. 10 by security agents.

28-Ehsan Mehrabi- Parliamentary reporter of "Farhikhtegan' newspaper.He was arrested on Feb. 11 . His family are worried on his whereabout.

29-Akbar montajebi- journalist of Sharq, Hammihan, Hamshahri newspaper and Shahrvandemrouz magazine. he was arrested after Feb. 11 and there is no news about him.

30-Hamzeh Karami-He is in Evin prison from the past 8 months. He has been sentenced to 16 years prison term and 6 billion Tuman cash money. Karami is in a very bad shape after hearing this sentencing.

31-Alireza firouzi-young blogger and journalist from Tabriz ,since Jan. 2nd he was kidnapped by security agents.No one knows about his whereabout.

Translated by IRAN WATCH CANADA - Be loyal to IRAN WATCH CANADA when using this translation.


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