Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The regime of coup d'etat and the green movement ! what now?

Picture: Ali Karubi

1- just a few points :

Iran Watch Canad always tried to be loyal to the people of Iran. Iran Watch Canada is following just that principle and taking the interest of the people seriousely.May be here and there Iran Watch Canada expreses its opinion but the most important task of Iran Watch Canada is to monitor the human rights situation in Iran as much as it can cover with limited amount of resources.

2- Since the Feb. 11 alot of things happened in Iran and i will try to summarize it for you:

A- Mr. Karubi's son Ali Karubi was arrested in Feb. 11 and was detained and tortured. When he was released, he was admited in a hospital and this picture shows how badly he was beaten by the regime security forces. Despite of this and other evidence , Tehran prosecutor Mr. Dolatabadi told reporter that ; The son of Karubi wasn't arrested or detained.

Well , he is the prosecutor of a president who is the "mother of all liers" . I dont expect he ,like his boss will say the truth. but , because of his position as prosecutor , he is responsible of his actions.

B-The green movement has chosen few other dates for action in the future- one is the March 8 , the international women's Day and the other which is to be decided is the " Chahar Shanbeh souri" festivity ( The last Wednesday of the year - Persian celebrate this day by making small fires and jumping on it).

C- Discussions on future green movement protest is the topic of dialouge among the green movement leaders and participants all over Iran and abroad.
D- Major economic set back is reported all over the media's inside Iran. Fight among regime appointed officials is sharpening and people are worried what will happen next. According to some reporters in the coming Persian New Year, the economic situation will deteriorate. The price of basic commodities will increase and the inflation will reach to more than 40%.There are talks that the hydro electric may bankrupt and 900,000 employees and related businesses may end up losing their income.The pages of the newspapers are full of stories signaling for the worst economic situation ever the Islamic Republic faced after the Iran- Iraq war.
E- The regime of Ahmadinejad is more in trouble abroad and the Iranian abroad are puting more pressure on regim's diplomats and diplomatic centre's. A session is going on in UN Geneva about the human rights violation in Iran and the opposition organized a campaign in front of UN headquarter. Regime is isolated.
F- Regime has organized cyber attack on opposition websites but these website despite of the attack continue to fight back and expose the regime propaganda machine.
The Iran social movement ( the green movement ) is welcoming more protesters for a social -political change in a new massive movement in Iran. This movement is all about evolution, the rights revolution , against violence and a civil rights movement. This movement while rising is lifting the spirit of people , the cultural understanding of the modern concept of life and politics and the Iranian deserve that lifestyle. People in a peaceful manner continue to demand the regime of coup d'etat to resign and a referendum to take place.


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