Thursday, February 11, 2010

The website of "Kalemeh" : Mohammad Khatami the former reformist president for two terms has attended the protest today.

According to report by the website of Kalemeh , former President mohammad khatami participated in todays protest against the regime of Ahmadinejad. He was in and around zanjan - Azadi intersection. according to Parleman News , when people saw Mr. Khatami they greeted him and chanted slogan in his support. This caused anger among plain cloths Basiji's and security agents they started attacking Mr. Khatami and his car .At this point for preventing further clashes among protesters and basiji militias, Mr. Khatami decided to leave the scene.

In another news by kalemeh web site, Mr. Khatami's brother Mohammad Reza Khatami a former parliamentarian and a leader of the Mosharekat party together with Ms. zahra Ashraghi and Ali Karubi the son of Mehdi Karubi one of the leader of the green movement were arrested.


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