Thursday, February 11, 2010

As protest continue limited amount of news are coming out of Iran due to control of internet , SMS , telecommunication and ....

"Jaras" a green movement online supporter reported that: There are clashes around the "Laleh" Park in Tehran .The anti-riot forces for identifying the protesters fires paint bullet and arresting them.

Despite of several weeks of preparation by the regime to organize their forces and plans many options to suppress and control the opposition green movement , once again people came stronger but there are less option for people to report their protest via /internet, sms, or other means of communications.

The website of Kalameh reported:

Mr. Musavi one of the leader of the opposition to the government of ahmadinejad was around the freedom square and as he was about to join the protesters he was sorrounded by the riot-guards and militia with batons and was unable to join the protesters.

Mr. Karubi's who also joined the protest from Sadeghieh area in Tehran but was attacked in and around Ashrafi Isfahani street and his car glasses were shattered . The attackers were equipped with teargas and batons and paint bullets. Mr. karubi's son said : His father was able to escape and has returned home safely.


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