Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All Out - Tomorrow Feb 11 ,2010 nationwide protest against the regime of coup d'etat.

All out against the regime of Coup d'etat
Here are reports from bloggers and websites:

Tonight , one night before Feb.11 , the night before (1978-79) revolution day, the chant of death to dictator around "Sadeghieh" in Tehran shakes the heart of any passer-by.

The regime that claims: 85% of Iranian has voted yes for the regime, is afraid of internet/emails.

Tomorrow is the game of "league of nation" against the regime of coup d,etat.Have you prepared your green symbol?

In the northern part of the city of Tehran ,the line for buying Gas for the car reach to kilometers..

In many part of the city of Tehran between 8:00pm and 9:00pm people were chanting "Alah o Akbar"on their rooftops .

Regime has closed the enterance of the streets to "Freedom Square" and they have closed also the streets to all major Squares particularly the 'Revolution Square". The regime has prepared a huge stage in "Freedom square" for speech. Along the streest from freedom square to revolution square ,they have built booth's which seems is for Basiji militia of different citys or region.

They have also hanged huge banners with picture of Khamenei and Khomeini along the streets. They have tried not to mention or write the Basij Melitia and their region on the booths , to show they are ordinary people and not Basiji.This goes all the way to "Ferdousi Square" .

the regime is focusing on Freedom Square and perhaps is trying hard to bring its militias with plain cloths to Freedom square.

Right now that i'm writing this line the security agents are busy at night arresting the activists or anyone whome they suspect may protest against them.

The weather forecat reported that the northern part of the country, along Caspian Sea will be raining for the coming days and this is bad for the regime , because people of Tehran won't leave Tehran and will stay and will come to the streets.

The Revolutionary Guards and seyed Ali Khamenei have prepared a military plan for tomorrow and all revolutionary Guards , Basij Militia ,police force, security forces, personnel of Ministry of Information and .... are on alert.

Regime has started a wave of arrest in Azarbayejan this evening. Up to now 5 people have been arrested. among them : The former governor of Tabriz, the representative of "Nehzat Azadi " party in tabriz, a member of "Hoveyat Talaban " and .....

Also in a statement many members and sympatizers of " Fergheh democrat" party also announced of joining the green movement in Feb. 11 protest against the regime of coup d'etat. In the statement they have said: For democratization of Iran , we will join with other free willing Iranian particularly the Iranian Azari's.


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