Saturday, February 06, 2010

1-Once again to Islamic countries/nations and Moslem people around the world. I have no doubt that you have heard disturbing news from Iran through international media /TV and journalists specially in the last 8 months.You have heard that the regime of Ahmadinejad in Iran cheated the presidential election in last June 12 and the guardian council falsely have called Ahmadinejad as the winner over Mr. Musavi. In the first Friday prayer after June 12 Khamenei the leader of the Islamic Republic also came in approving and supporting Ahmadinejad . On June 13, millions of your Iranian moslem brother and sister and people with other faith poured into the street and protested against the cheating. On that day the regime of coup d'etat oppened fire on protesters and as a result many of your moslem brother and sister were killed . According to news close to 80 people were killed.( you can watch all the video's in IRAN WATCH CANADA and you judge yourself) and thousands were arrested , detained , tortured or brutally murdered and many of them secretly buried without the presence of the victims family and proper burial.The protest is going on for more than eight months now.

Iranian people don't want the regime of Ahmadinejad-Khamenei. Almost everyday people protest against this regime. In this coming February 11 there is going to be another nationwide protest in Iran . You must support your Moslem brother and sister in their struggle for freedom and their human rights. This regime officials are corrupt and most of the clerics that support this regime are corrupt and have agenda to destroy our country Iran. To name some of those clerics: Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi, Ahmad Khatami, Mohammad Yazdi , Janati, Khazali , Khamenei, Ali Falahian , Rohollah hosainian, Pourmohammadi, Ezheei(Ejeei ) and many other small or big clergies together with Motalafeh party members and many of high ranking member of Sepah Pasdaran including Radan, Ahmadi-Moghadam, Naghadi, Ghasemi, Said Mortazavi, Firouz -Abadi,Ali-Akbar Velayati , Hadad Adel, Mashaei,Safaei-Farahani and so many more....

The moslem nation of Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Chechniya,Bosnia , palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan ,Pakistan ,Bangladesh,Yemen, Sumaliya, Sudan, China, Azarbayejan, Uzbakistan, Tajikistan must reject the financial support of Ahmadinejad's. Getting money from the hands of Ahmadinejad and Khameneei who orders to kill your moslem brothers and sisters is not Halal.

On this February 11 watch the news and support your Moslem brother and sister in Iran and condemn the savegery and brutality of the ahmadinejad-Khamenei regime of coup d'etat in Iran. Iranian people needs your help and watch you that how you react to the suppression . Dont support the regime of Ahmadinejad blindly.
Moslem brother and sister around the world you must not ignore your moral and responsibility as moslem.

2-People of China and Russia must put pressure on their government not to support the regime of Ahmadinejad in Iran technically/ logistically and in UN when deciding on the issue of human rights. The Government of China and Russia will pay dearly in future for their support of Ahmadinejad -Khamenei against Iranian free willing people.

3- People of Latin America specially Bulivia, Venezuela, Cuba , Nicaragua , Brazil and other countries that the regime of Ahmadinejad is trying to make tie must put pressure on their regime not to support the regime of Ahmadinejad.

Iranian people are making history. They created a unique movement known as green movement for human rights and change in Iran. This movement is a civil rights movement. A peaceful and non violent movement and it needs your support.


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