Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A poster released by protesters says:On Feb.5 - 40 days after the killing (the martyrs) all together from Imam Hossain Square to Freedom Square!

Outside Iran -Regime has lost credibility in abroad . Green Iranian outside Iran in support of their brother and sister inside Iran continue their protest in front of the regime embassies around the world.

Inside Iran-Once again the people ,friend and family members of the political prisoners have gathered in front of the Evin prison and chanted for the release of their loved one.

Last night people continued to chant: Alah O Akbar , on their rooftops. According to news, regime tried to disrupt the internet services of few citys.

Mr. Musavi released another message to Iranian people:
We witness today the resistance of people against corruption, lies and fraud . Dictatorship and despotism is still alive in Iran. Today the prison is full of the best childeren of the nation while the plunderer of the national wealth and real perverts are free and do whatever they want . We have all come out for reform not for revenge or taking power.The green movement won't stop its peaceful and moralistic struggle of their human rights.

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