Saturday, January 30, 2010

New poster -10 days and nights struggle against dictatorship Feb1-11.Participate in the national referendum of Iranian .

The struggle for civil society must continue with awarness.This struggle shouldn't be a blind one ,there should be wisdom and rationality with it.We are not for just changing one ruler with another but we are going to change the mentality /minds of the people in understanding their human rights, for not to fear, build their self confidence. This struggle must be for nation building. Iran must be for all Iranian. A free society . Awarness that the judiciary system must be separated from politics. That the execution/death penalty must be abolished, there shouldn't be political prisoners for what so ever.while the struggle continue , the social networking and small NGO group must be established for various socio-economic and cultural phenomena's and resistance & mobilization against the regime of coup d'etat.


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