Friday, January 29, 2010

Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati in Friday prayer: The judiciary power must act decisively against rioters(peaceful protesters) as in hanging the two !

Picture -Hasani the Friday prayer imam of Orumieh
Picture- ayatollah Ahmad Janati

For the record: Officials behind crime against humanity

Ahmad Janati to Mohammad Sadegh Larijani: Kill all the rioters !

Ayatollah Janati is the secretary of the "Gurdian council" which overlook into the candidates and election and the temporary imam of the Friday prayer in Tehran. He is a radical moslem cleric and anti reform/change or green movement . In his todays friday prayer he asked Mohammad Sadegh Larijani the head of judiciary power to act decicively and execute all rioters like the two men that were hanged few days ago.He asked Judiciary power "not to show weakness' and if you show of weakness you will expect worse".

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Karubi: Ahmad Janati is a traitor !

Mr. Karubi a leader of change and green movement called him a traitor to the interest of the people because of his position in the Guardian Council overlooking into the election and ignoring the cheating in the presidential election and approving Ahmadinejad as the winner.

In the meantime, the Orumieh city friday prayer imam Mr. Hasani said:
Show the bodies of the executed round the city !


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