Thursday, January 28, 2010

the regime of coup d'etat backed by Khamenei hanged two young Iranian this morning!

Thousands of protesters during the eight months of protest in Iran have been arrested and detained in jails by the regime of coup d'etat and among them 11 have been sentenced to death by kangaroo court and this morning two of the detainees were hanged. These two young men were Arash Rahmanipour and Mohamad Reza Alizamani . The appeal court had approved the sentence.The other nine people's are still waiting for the appeal court. If appeal court approve those cases , they will be hanged as well. Their charges are "war with god" or "Maharebeh", "Trying to topple the system" and membership in Monarchist Association and Mojahedin Khalgh.
According to "Jeras news online" after the sentence was carried out , the prison offficials didn't informe their parents about the execution.
Ms. Nasrin Sotoudeh the lawyer of Arash in speaking with "International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran " said: The father of Arash who was in contact with me until todays lunch time didn't know about the execution . The execution were carried in secret. the law says ; the judiciary must inform the family if the death sentence is going to be carried .She said ; she was shocked by the sudden execution and death of Arash.

The lawyer said: Arash was arrested in his home two months prior to the presidential election in June 12 and he was 19 at the time of arrest. He was under alot of pressure , first they arrested his sister and she spent two months in jail.
She said :In a meeting i had with Arash for 15 minuits , Arash said: In the prison , the prison officials brought my sister in front of me and asked me to confess and if not , they will keep her in jail. she was pregnant and as a result of stress and pressure she lost her child.

Ms. Sotoudeh the lawyer said : As a lawyer of Arash, i was not allowed to participate in his trial.


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