Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rafsanjani in response to Mohammad Yazdi: "There is a smell of conspiracy".

Khamenei is in deep trouble . for the last eight months he had several talks with the Iranian people. After his first appearance on Friday prayer right after the election cheating on June 12,2009 he shamelessly supported Ahmadinejad and called the presidential election a clean one and asked the officials to support Ahmadinejad. Today he again spoke and asked people to " trust officials" .

Now , if there has left any trust, not only to officials like Ahmadinejad with his big lies , but to make it short ,people dont even trust Khamenei.

Yesterday Mohammad yazdi a radical anti green movement cleric spoke ill against Rafsanjani . He criticized Rafsanjani for not clearly taking position against green movement. today Rafsanjani came out with a clear message , he said:"There is a smell of conspiracy " .

In the meantime, Mr. Karubi former parliament leader and a green movement official said: "I would never negotiate on the rights of people".

Ms. Zahra Rahnavard the wife of Mr. Musavi the former Prime Minister and a leader of the green movement and apparently the winner of the last June presidential election also said:

"We won't recognize the Government and we won't negotiate".

The Banks are falling freely, the national economy is collapsing , people are affraid the officials will take their money and leave the country , so they have lined up to withdraw their money from the banks. clashes are reported between the bank officials and people.

Another diplomate Mr. Abolfazl islami the consul in the embassy of the Islamic Republic in Japan has resined and apparently has joined the green movement and asked his colleagues everywher to join the green movement.

People in green movement are preparing for the nationwide protest and strike on the coming February 11.

Major talk of the people has gone bake to " Give back my vote " and "Free presidential election".


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