Sunday, January 17, 2010

The world political conscience await what is going to happen in Iran after 7 months of protests !

The whole world were watching when "Neda" the young Iranian woman for freedom in Iran brutally and savegely gunned down by reppressive regime of Ahmadinejad . She died infront of the eyes of millions of people around the world. The whole world watched and are awaiting to see what finally comes out of the struggle for freedom in Iran.

The people in Iran , young and old must combine their mind and action together and not to forget that the most important part of their struggle is not only to replace this regime with another unknown and yet reppressive regime but instead they must focus their struggle to bring cultural and social change and to increase people's capacity from the bottom and top as well. This struggle is all about nation building while continuing to pressure the regime to give up its reppresive nature and bend to the demands of the people. Changing the regime won't do any good if replaced with more repressive one, instead we must change the mentality of the people . Civil disobedience and encircling the regime with civil rights actions should become our ultimate goal.

We must remember that: Any of our action will breed same action.therefore violent action will breed violence. As cervantes put it in Don quixote: "Like give birth to like " .

But struggle must continue for freedom. At home with internet social networking and in the street with slogan and protest against the most brutal and medieval regime of Islamic Republic.

As the people correctly are planning and organizing for a national day of protest on February 11 ,2010. The regime will continoue to arrests,imprison or murder from among you and that is certainly because of their fear from your struggle and no struggle comes out without expenses.
Picture shows slogan on the walls for that day.One slogan says: On Feb. 11 we will make the whole Iran green!


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