Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shirin Ebadi: The Islamic Republic regime is on its final days of political life!

Shirin Ebadi the Iranian Noble Peace Prize winner and the president of the Association of Human Rights Defenders in Iran in speaking with Radio Farda said that : Islamic Republic regime is on its final days of political life.

On November, In an attempt to silence Ebadi , the regime agents confiscated Shirin Ebadi's Noble Peace Prize medalion which was in a safe in the bank. On December, the regime agents arrested her sister and later they confiscated the passport of her husband who is still in Iran.

According to Ms. Ebadi : The movement for democracy in Iran grew in all over Iran.The division among Islamic Republic officials are deepening and the secular and Islamist supporting the green movement are coming closer to cooperation. If this happens ,it will be great development.

Ms. Ebadi emphasized that: The regime is moving more to become like the military regime in Burma and if this happens , the regime has entered to its final days of political life.


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